About flightSpeak

flightSpeak is a free iOS app that allows travelers to connect and share flight experiences with each other.

Our story

We built flightSpeak to capture and amplify the voice of travelers as they connect with each other. Air travel can run the extremes between delight and frustration. At the core of those experiences are travelers who have very few outlets to share their feedback easily with the airlines and with each other.

We're fixing air travel

Traditional surveys delivered by volunteers or emails take too long to administer, analyze, interpret, and execute upon, even with the low response rates they produce. This time is incredibly valuable and is an opportunity lost to hear how travelers have really experienced flying with different carriers.

At flightSpeak , we’re thinking about it differently. We believe it starts with the traveler as the hero of the story, and the conversations and comments travelers share give insight into how travel experiences create memorable and enjoyable moments.

How it works

  1. The flightSpeak app (currently available for the iOS App Store in the US) allows travelers to rate and share their flight experiences. Travelers can also discover offers from flightSpeak partners at airports in exchange for their feedback.
  2. Airport merchants can place ads and offers on flightSpeak, potentially reaching all travelers within the airport.
  3. Air travel industry customers, such as airlines and airports, can adjust “on the go” by having near-real time access to traveler sentiment, enabling them to deepen customer loyalty and engagement.

What's next

We are currently exploring other technologies and platforms - we’re listening closely to what our customers are asking for. We're exploring interesting ways to reward engagement, such as with frequent flyer miles or donations to charities.

Our main focus is to continue to build a great platform for travelers to connect and share their experiences. We want to broaden those platforms to enable greater access, build stronger industry partnerships, and provide insights from the data to travel-related organizations.


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Download: PNG | SVG | PDF
Download: PNG | SVG | PDF
Download: PNG | SVG | PDF