Learning from Travelers

Hello Everyone!

Things have been busy here at flightSpeak. We’ve been learning from our customers and partners around the world about what they’re experiencing and the challenges we can help them solve. The world of travel never stays still with innovation, consolidation, and much more.

During the month of May, we ran a study* to uncover the opinions of travelers across the US, as well as to confirm a few of the assumptions we had as we continue our journey. The findings were both insightful and inspiring. Among the many results, here are a few highlights and summaries from our US audience:

Consumer experiences still matter to people that fly.  Over 50% of survey respondents expect ‘delightful’ experiences when they travel.

Positive and negative experiences have an overwhelming bearing on being willing to fly that airline again.  88% of respondents indicated that positive experiences make them more willing to fly a particular airline, as opposed to 85% who indicated negative experiences make them less willing to fly a particular airline.

Airlines have much room to improve upon when it comes to traveler experiences. A meager 27% of respondents indicated that airlines care about their flight experiences. 42% of respondents were ambivalent, with 31% disagreeing with the statement that “Airlines care about my overall flight experience.”

There’s a sense of doubt regarding the airline commitment to the traveler experience.  Only 19% of respondents saw airlines as being willing to respond to feedback. 47% disagreed with this statement “Airlines will respond to feedback about my flight experience”, with 34% being ambivalent.

Vivid experiences remain. Over 70% of respondents had a vivid positive or negative experience on an airline that they could remember.

Sharing rules. Respondents indicated that they are more willing to share their experiences (positive / negative) on social media and with friends, vs. sharing it with the airline. A stunning 92% of travelers would share their experiences if they were very negative, compared with 88% that would share their experiences if they were very positive.

The Fundamentals don’t change. The most important part of the flight experience that travelers find most impactful is the cleanliness of the aircraft. A close second is overall comfort (seats, seat belts, headrests), followed by the services provided by flight attendants.

Frequent travelers rule. Frequent flyers are the most savvy of travelers , taking advantage of mileage programs, and travel apps to make their lives easier.

*Survey conducted over a 3-week window among US residents. Total of 169 respondents within target audience demographic. For more information, please reach out at [email protected]

What’s Next?

We’re grateful for the feedback that came in from friends and travelers all around the country. We’re going to be taking this feedback to our partners, and tweaking our products and services to ensure we push our vision of transforming air travel.

Thanks for your support!

- Team flightSpeak.