Thinking about Values

[Looking Within - A Team Post]

As we continue our quest to bring a new light to the travel industry, one of the most important things we consider is how we work together. A team’s culture is often a strong leading indicator of success - with success being defined as a progressive and fulfilling journey towards our business goals.

We’ve spend considerable time thinking about these, and are currently on version 9. We’d love your thoughts on what we consider to be super important to us: our non-negotiables on how we work, play, hire, reward, and operate. You can remember them as ELECTRIC!


  • Excellence
    • We set the standard. We work incredibly hard to pursue excellence, not perfection, and value high performance demonstrated not just by activity, but significant results.
  • Leadership
    • Every individual is a leader. We lead by example in all we do – setting the standard as we work, play, and create impact. The buck stops with you. You create and own your space, and are responsible for making it great.
  • Execution
    • We are doers. We have a bias toward action, and place a premium of done above perfect. We passionately work to move the needle forward every single day.
  • Communication
    • Communication is our lifeblood. We do it as much as we can in as many ways possible – seeking first to understand before being understood, to listen more than we speak, and to be as transparent as we possibly can in everything we do.
  • Teamwork
    • We work as a unit. Hand in hand, we support each other, and make each another great. We learn, grow, execute, and win together.
  • Respect
    • Everyone matters. We embrace ideas, diversity, and styles of all kinds. We work to ensure individual rights/preferences are deeply respected and valued. Every one is free to think, act, and be fully themselves.
  • Impact
    • We think long-term legacy, not short-term results. We leave a positive legacy in the lives of our customers, team members, partners, and the industry at large.
  • Celebration
    • Laughter is core. Delight in our efforts and celebrating our accomplishments enables us to enjoy the journey towards our goals. We make this part of everything we do.

Thanks for reading and being on this journey with us!

//team flightSpeak.